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"First of all, I love Passmax's 
study notes and its approach of NO FORMULA! There is absolutely no comparison out there among other CFA study guides. I only had a handful of formulas to memorize before the exam and they got me through the exam fine. The materials we covered in class are never overwhelming and yet straight to the point. For me, the biggest gain through Passmax is that I learned how to study smart. Memorization is certainly not the way to pass the CFA exams, and Passmax teaches me how to solve a complex problem using a few key concepts and simply, the logic.
Secondly, the coach is always available to help whether it's in-class, off-class, on the exam date, or even after the exam date! I was definitely inspired by the strong commitment from the coach which kept me going throughout the 4-month study.”  

Victoria Wang, CFA Candidate



PASSMAX is an independent exam preparation entity with one of the highest CFA® Exam pass rates in the industry.  With over many years of teaching and examination experience, we have developed a prep system which maximizes a candidate’s likelihood of passing the CFA Exam.  Our prep philosophy is built upon 3 core principles:

  • Strategy
  • Discipline
  • Hard Work

Throughout this website, you’ll read more about what our candidates have to say, rather that what we have to say about our CFA Exam Prep Programs.  We welcome you to become a part of our passing tradition.



This picture was taken at the Toronto exam site during a recent June CFA® Exam.  Our CFA candidates are provided encouragement and support to the day of the exam.


CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by PASSMAX. CFA® is a trademark owned by CFA Institute.

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