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"PASSMAX's no nonsense approach focuses on extracting critical information directly from the CFA materials.  No time is wasted and I was thrilled to breeze through Level II." 
Stephanie Andrew, MSC, MBA,
CFA Candidate, June 2009
The coach at PASSMAX is also an MBA Finance Instructor.  His style is very to the point; covering only that which is examinable.  His day-of services were a god send for stressed out candidates like myself. I had failed the exam once before joining PASSMAX; so his coaching really made the difference for passing the second time around.
Joshua Wong, CFA Candidate
PASSMAX provided me with the guidance which I needed in order to fully understand the materials of this exam
Anson Yuen, CFA Candidate
The PASSMAX program is structured to beat the exam. The time put into the PASSMAX program made the 6 hour CFA exam seem like just another class.
Arbi Khanjian, CFA Candidate





PASSMAX is unlike any of the mainstream CFA® Prep providers that are out there.  For instance, note the following differences:


  • PASSMAX: provides over 130 hours of class time (for L1 and L2), thus ensuring maximum coverage of all examinable material. 
  • Mainstream Competitors: do not provide nearly half as much class time. 



  • PASSMAX: classes are led by a full-time professional instructor, Krikor Ghanaghounian, CFA®, who has many years of experience in teaching finance to both MBA and CFA® candidates. 
  • Mainstream Competitors: For many of their instructors, teaching is simply a part time activity, and thus not necessarily an area of expertise.


  • PASSMAX: provides a complete training program, which is strategically structured to maximize a candidate’s chances of passing the CFA® exam. Furthermore, we use a ‘ground-up’ teaching method to ensure that candidates develop a firm understanding of the underlying concepts. 
  • Mainstream Competitors:  offer a menu of products and study gadgets that are largely uncoordinated and thus likely to overwhelm a candidate.  Such an approach can prevent a candidate from achieving the focus that’s necessary in order to pass the CFA® exam.  

Duration of Prep:

  • PASSMAX: Our prep program, and thus the support we provide, runs to the day of the CFA® exam!  We ensure that our candidates receive all the prep and support that they require in order to successfully attempt the CFA® exam.
  • Mainstream Competitors: Most mainstream prep programs end weeks in advance of the CFA® exam, leaving candidates with little or no guidance during those critical weeks leading up to the exam.


Backing our Prep:

  • PASSMAX: allows candidates to attend the first 2 sessions for free (for the Complete Prep Programs) before deciding to continue with the remainder of the prep program.  Furthermore, with our ONE-FEE-TILL-PASS Policy, candidates will never have to pay PASSMAX again until they pass the CFA® Exam for the level in which they are registered for. That’s how confident we are in our prep.
  • Mainstream Competitors: Payment is required before the commencement of the prep.  Furthermore, upon failing, re-enrollment with most mainstream prep providers can run into the hundreds of dollars.


  • PASSMAX: For a prep program this comprehensive and this successful, our fees are the most affordable in the industry.
  • Mainstream Competitors: Most charge unsubstantiated premiums.


CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by PASSMAX. CFA® is a trademark owned by CFA Institute. 


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