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December 2018 Level I CFA®: Complete Preparation
December 2018 Level I CFA®: Super Review
June 2019 Level I CFA®: Complete Preparation
June 2019 Level I CFA®: Super Review
June 2019 Level II CFA®: Complete Preparation
June 2019 Level II CFA®: Super Review
June 2019 Level III CFA®: Complete Preparation
June 2019 Level III CFA®: Super Review


December 2018 Level I CFA®:
Complete Preparation

This is our most comprehensive preparation program for the Level I CFA® exam.  The first segment will consist of 13 weekly classes that are held every Sunday.  Each session will include 6 hours of lecture time to ensure maximum coverage of the examinable material. Following the lecture series, there will be an intensive 4-day Super Review session which will reinforce the fundamental concepts in the CFA curriculum.  This second passage over the material will help candidates develop a deeper rooted understanding of the important concepts. The final phase of the prep will consist of practice questions, during which we will provide candidates with resources to assist them in attempting questions from the CFA curriculum and several mock exams. One of these mocks will be administered using a simulated condition that’s similar to the CFA Exam. To cap off our services, we will be on site on Exam Day to provide support and to address any last minute inquiries that candidates may have.


I. Weekly Classes:    Sunday July 15, 2018 – Sunday October 7, 2018
II. Super Review: October 13, 14, 20, 21.
III. Practice Questions: October 22 – November 23
IV. Mock Exam: Saturday November 24, 2018
V. CFA® Exam Day Support: Saturday December 1, 2018

A complete schedule (with specific dates and hours) will be provided upon registration.

University of Toronto (Downtown Campus)

Fee: $949
This fee covers close to 80 hours of lecture time, 28 hours of super review, study guides, practice question and sample test support, mock exam simulation, and Exam Day support.   

While advanced registration is required in order to attend our sessions, enrollment fees will not be due until the beginning of the 3rd class.  This will give you the opportunity to attend our first two classes for free before deciding if PASSMAX is right for you.  Furthermore, we view ourselves as an equal partner in your quest to pass the CFA® exam.  Consequently, if you should have to rewrite the Level I CFA exam for any reason, your re-enrollment into our subsequent Level I CFA prep program will be completely free of charge.

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CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by PASSMAX. CFA® is a trademark owned by CFA Institute. 


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